She Is The First Woman Boss In The Men’s Baseball League

Women have long since proven that they can be successful in baseball. But what Kim Ng has achieved has never before been performed by a woman. She became the first female boss in the men’s baseball league. With that, she smashed the invisible glass ceiling that still prevents many women from pursuing a career in male-dominated industries. Her success made history. Her order comes as no surprise. After all, she has long proven that she knows a lot about baseball. Now she received the appropriate reward at the MLB in Miami.

Four Leagues, One Woman

Ng also referred to it in her speech in Miami. She stated that it was difficult for her at times to take on leadership roles in sports as a woman. With this, a woman in the USA managed to get a job previously thought impossible. Kamal Harris is the first US Vice President, and Kim Ng is the first manager of a men’s baseball team. It’s the Miami Marlin. As if that weren’t enough, NG is also the first woman in the top position in one of the four most important men’s leagues because neither the National Football League, the National Basketball League nor the National Hockey League can show this so far.

Michelle Obama Congratulates

Ng has been considered one of the best people for this job for around fifteen years. But so far the longed-for promotion has never happened. Now the time has come. That even got Michelle Obama to congratulate her personally. After seven years in Chicago, she became an assistant manager for the Ney York Yankees. That caused a sensation back then; after all, she was only 29 at the time. Then it went on to Los Angeles Dodgers. Now Kim Ng has finally reached the top.

Successful In The Second Attempt

Surprisingly, it took so long. After all, the mastermind of Chicago’s elite university has proven multiple times in the past that she is the right woman for the job. Once the promotion almost went off. That was in Los Angeles with the Dodgers Team. But again they preferred a man to her at the last minute. He hired her as his deputy and justified this with the fact that Ng was ultimately smarter than himself.

An excellent task now awaits Ng. The Miami Marlins are only 27 years old, but the team’s last title was seventeen years ago. Last few years they lost most of their matches. It is now up to the first woman of the team to get them back on the road to success. She follows in the footsteps of Jackie Robinson. She had been the first African American professional player in the MLB in 1947. Ng is aware of the difficulty of her task, but she does not shy away from it. She doesn’t take it lightly, she said, adding that it will now be more comfortable for women to follow their example.

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