Famous Female Baseball Players

Being a woman in the sport that is believed to be a male-only sport, can be tough. Yet, since the beginning of female baseball teams, young girls had proved they deserve to be remembered and acknowledged for their athletic achievements. Here are just a few famous female baseball players who shaped the history of female baseball.

1. Mamie “Peanut” Johnson

The little African American girl from South Carolina always wanted to play baseball. Even as a little girl she would tape the rocks from her backyard into the form of the baseball and pretended to be on the field. Turned out she had a real talent to play baseball. After finishing high school, Mamie tried to become a part of the famous All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in 1953, when she was only 18 years old. However, she discovered that black players were not allowed to participate. This drawback did not stop the young girl from eventually achieving her dreams.

Mamie did not leave sports, and instead of playing baseball she moved towards playing semi-pro ball. Lucky for her, a scout for the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro American League spotted Mamie and invited her to the team. She was learning how to play baseball with the team members and stayed with the Clowns for more than three years. However, later Mamie went to nursing school and worked at the hospital outside of Washington D.C. for 40 years before retiring.

2. Edith Houghton

Edith Houghton was born in Philadelphia in 1912. At the age of 8, Edith was a mascot of the Philadelphia Police League team, a male baseball team. Even though she was just a mascot at the time, the little girl did not miss a chance to play on the field before the games. In 1922, she was noticed by Mary O’Gara, the founder of semi-professional Philadelphia Bobbies.

Edith was just 10 years old when O’Gara noticed her, but age did not matter for the young girl who was passionate about baseball. Local newspapers were describing Edith as a rascal rather than a young kid. The girl realized that playing baseball professionally was her calling. Edith had an amazing career in baseball, however, she eventually retired to serve in the Korean War. Sadly, Edith passed away in 2013, just days before her 101st birthday.

3. Jackie Mitchell

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Jackie grew up in Memphis, and her neighbor being the pitcher Dazzy Vance, who taught her how to throw a curveball. Mitchell soon had to move with her parents to, Chattanooga, Tennessee where she started to pave her way into the baseball leagues. Jackie was just 17 years old when she managed to dispatch two famous baseball players during the same game. A word about young girls dispatching the best players spread pretty fast. The public believed that Mitchell could not achieve such success in the game and that both players she had dispatched were in on it. However, no comments from the latter two were published. Jackie moved on to play a couple more years traveling around, and she soon got tired of such a lifestyle and retired to work for her father’s optometry business.

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