Becoming a Professional Female Baseball Player. Part 2

Becoming a Professional Female Baseball Player.
Becoming a Professional Female Baseball Player.

Getting recruited

The recruitment process starts at high school and college level. Once again, the sad reality is that scouts are usually out to get all the best boys and forget to include all the capable girls. However, depending on the goals of the scout, a female could be noticed by them, especially if they are looking for people for an all-women’s baseball team. That being said, if a girl feels and is good enough to participate in the game shoulder-to-shoulder with her male teammates, there should be nothing stopping the recruiters from giving her a chance and that has been happening more and more.

Main skills

This category is quite similar to the one you would see on a male’s guide to professional baseball, and that is essentially because a high-level game, male or female-dominated, has all the same requirements. The very key skills to be a valuable addition to the team include eye-hand coordination, physical stamina and agility. The eye-hand coordination is relevant in baseball more than in many other sports because of the size of the ball; it is difficult to estimate its precise location in a given moment, so whenever that becomes clear, the hands need to act fast and precisely. Stamina is pretty much self-explanatory; a regular game lasts about 3 hours. Agility is extremely important for all runners.

Sprinting is among exercises that get practiced the most by almost all baseball players, so it would be something worth investing time into if a female is serious about her baseball career.

Sadly – glass ceiling

It isn’t just the lack of access to a variety of baseball related activities, but also the prejudice of society that any lady, no matter how good, needs to be prepared for if they are to pursue serious achievements in baseball. In fact, there are women who play baseball in teams together with men, just not at the NBL level. Getting there is tough because of the psychological factors involved; males oftentimes feel personally hurt if they get struck out by a female pitcher, others feel disturbed if they need to tackle a female runner and so on. While it is to some extent understandable due to prevailing social conditions, it must be overcome to break the glass ceiling when it comes to women and baseball.

However, if for any reason a woman decides that being professional baseball player is not her ultimate dream in life along the way, they can always opt out for a different career that is still related to baseball. One example would be an umpire, which is a person supervising the game, making sure the rules are abided and making calls on the gameplay when needed. Doing this for serious and certified leagues requires not only a high school diploma, but also trainings and exceptional understanding of baseball as a whole.

All in all, a journey to professional baseball is still somewhat challenging for a woman. Hopefully, the times will change for the better and any worthy opponent will be able to face off on the baseball diamond.

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