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Slaterettes Try Out For Team USA Womens Baseball

Press Release


Deb Bettencourt, Corresponding Secretary,
Pawtucket Slaterettes Girls’ & Women’s Baseball League
17 Norman Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02860
(401) 724-5189

Wednesday, July 24, 2002


The Women’s Baseball League (WBL) is conducting tryouts for its Team USA on August 8, 2002 at the historic Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY. Thirteen local women – Renee Astphan and Shannon Troiano of Attleboro; Melissa Jarvis and Michelle Morin of Cumberland; Sheri Lineberger of Foxboro; Sherri Roy of North Providence; Melissa Bettencourt, Julie Cardin, Kristen Dupre, Sarah Feeley, Kristen Schnetzler and Bree Smith of Pawtucket; and Darreth Doyon of Warwick – will set out along with coaches Deb Bettencourt and Paul Doyon in hopes of landing spots on Team USA.

All have been members of the Pawtucket Slaterettes for the majority of their lives. Some even have children that are currently in the organization. The Pawtucket Slaterettes is the only organized BASEBALL league in the country that caters solely to girls and women. The organization recently drew national attention when the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) decided to sanction girls’ baseball as a sport and looked towards the Slaterettes to be its model. Deb Bettencourt is also the Director of Girls Baseball for the WBL.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for these girls to be able to play on this field where so many of baseball’s greats have made appearances,” says Bettencourt. “It’s not about whether or not they make the team. It’s the fact that they have the chance to try that makes it so special.”

Team USA will compete in the Women’s World Series this September 2-8 and will then have the opportunity to play in the International Women’s Championships in Australia this December.

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