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Slaterettes Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Girl’s Baseball

Adult women invited to play

Written by Steve Janelle
Pawtucket Slaterettes, for the Pawtucket Times | January 13, 2003

That’s right, girls and women’s BASEBALL, not softball, This season the Pawtucket Slaterettes from Pawtucket, RI are celebrating their 30th season of all girls baseball. Beginning this year, they will also offer adult women the opportunity to play. Last year the league enlisted nearly 200 players from ages 5 thru adult age, including some adults that were in their 30’s. The Slaterettes By-Laws state that the purpose of the league is to perpetuate and extend the knowledge of baseball among girls and implant firmly the ideals of good sportsmanship, courage, and respect for authority. Our ultimate goal each year, is for the girls to learn what teamwork is, encourage them with self confidence, and just let them have some fun, while also teaching them the game of baseball and not focus on competition.

“A League of Our Own” A little known fact, Pawtucket, RI is home to the only all girls and women’s baseball league in the USA. We have searched the internet the last few years, and found that we are the only known all female baseball league that offers youth girls and adult women the ability to play baseball in the USA. Our league accepts players from anywhere, you do not need to be a resident of Pawtucket to play in the league. We currently have many players from nearby cities and towns (Seekonk, Rehoboth, Lincoln, Cumberland, Warwick) an would like to expand our league to the entire southern New England area, to allow more girls and women the opportunity to play the game of baseball. We also welcome any community that is interested in forming a team to play in our league, or to form their own league. Please contact us, we can help you get started.

Most of the girls play in our league because they like playing with all girls, and are not intimidated by the boys, like they are in Little League. Other girls tell us they play for the Slaterettes because the game of baseball offers more action, they feel slow pitch softball is not as challenging as baseball and they dislike fast pitch softball because it is mostly a game of pitching and bunting.

Many Slaterette players and parents tell us the league is like one big family. The league currently consists of four divisions; the Instructional Division for ages 5-7, the Minor Division for ages 8-10, the Junior Division for ages 11-13, and the Senior/Adult Division ages 14 and up. In the Instructional division, the girls are taught the basics of baseball on an Instructional size field, hit off a tee, and are pitched to by their coaches if ready. The Minor division plays on a modified little league field (35 ft mound), with players that pitch, and play with modified rules. The Junior division plays regulation little league baseball, with a few modified rules. The Senior/Adult division plays on a Pony field (80 ft base path, 54 ft mound) with full Major League baseball rules, with the exception of a modified base stealing rule. The Instructional, Minor and Junior divisions play from the last week of April thru June 30th, the Senior/Adult division begins play in the middle of June, and plays thru the middle of August. All players in all divisions must play a minimum of two innings each game and bat once, this ensures that everyone gets a chance to play in every game.

If you currently play fast or slow pitch softball for your high school or college team and are looking for a different sport for the summer, try playing baseball in our Senior/Adult league. The season begins immediately after the high school softball season ends, and continues thru the middle of August, it will not interfere with your softball season and you may find, like many of our current players, that you like it better than softball.

For those with a need, financial assistance is available for our registration fees.

If you are interested in playing for the Slaterettes, or to form your own team or league, please contact one of our board members:

Dave Gard, President, Phone: 401-728-5094, Email: Wyleedave@cox.nett
Kenn Dunne, Vice President, Phone: 401-723-9843, Email:
Deb Bettencourt, Player Agent, Phone: 401-724-5189, Email: