Monday, December 18, 2017 at 3:25 pm

Minor Division Director - Vanessa Menard

A little about me...

My involvement for the Slaterettes began when my daughters came home with a flyer from school in 2007. My girls wanted to give it a try and quickly grew to love baseball. I have coached in the Minor Division since 2008. I love every second of working with the girls. I am able to learn as much as I was teach. My goal is to teach them to be great players and to be have great sportsmanship. I believe that this is a lesson girls can use in life, not just baseball.

I was excited to join the Board and help with any aspect of the league. I played in the Senior Division for two years, loving it! It helped me understand what the younger girls need to learn and how easy or difficult it could be. Currently I have two daughters that play in the Junior Division and one that plays on my team in the Minor Division.  I believe that coaches and board members can have a very positive influence on girls of all ages. By joining the Slaterrettes I have discovered the joy that sports bring to people. My favorite part of being a Board Member and coach is seeing that joy and passion that girls can have for a sport. I also love knowing I can have a small impact in a young girl’s life. I intend on being a part of this league for a long time.